Football is an incredibly dynamic sport where every second on the clock can change the game's outcome. This fast-paced nature is a key reason why around 62.5% of people worldwide are drawn to this sport. Not just for a regular viewer, though, football is an equally exciting and opportunity-loaded event for punters as well.


Within a single game, you can find countless opportunities to make predictions. From guessing the basic things like the winner of the match and the number of goals scored to trying out advanced forecasts, betting on football can be drastically vivid.

With so much to choose from, fans, especially beginners, can easily get lost. To make football betting more understandable, I've put together a list of the most popular types of bets related to the game.

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Quick Tip: If you're new to football betting, start with the basics by checking out a detailed guide here.

Enough of talking already; it's time to get to the boss of the house. Keep reading and learn about the most popular football bet types!

1X2 Bets (Three-Way Bet)

1X2 Bets, also known as a Three-Way Bet, is a popular betting type you'll find on the Parimatch online betting app. In different parts of the world, this bet type goes by various names, such as "three-way moneyline" or simply "1X2 bet." 

The naming originates from the three potential outcomes associated with this bet. Needless to say, it eventually relates to the three possible outcomes of a football match: Win, Lose, or Draw. 

Breaking down the terms "1 X 2" helps us understand their roles: "1" simply means the home team winning. Similarly, "2" refers to the away team winning or the home team losing the match. Meanwhile, the term "X" directs toward a draw.

Football bet types

While making a three-way moneyline bet, your objective is to predict the outcome of the match. You need to guess whether the home team will win, lose, or the game will end in a draw. Due to its simple operative nature, 1x2 bets are often considered beginner-friendly.

Check the image above for a better understanding. According to the odds assigned, Germany (the home team) is more likely to win the match. This means if you bet on Spain for better returns, chances are you'll lose your bet. 

Double Chance Bets

Double-chance bets are a flexible version of the 1x2 bets. While in Moneyline, you're allowed to choose only one instance out of the three possible outcomes in football. Double-chance, just like its name, offers two opportunities to make a correct prediction.

Here is how it works:

  • If you pick "1 or draw," you win if Team 1 wins or if the match ends in a draw. However, if Team 2 wins, you lose the bet.
  • Similarly, "2 or draw" means you win if Team 2 wins or if there's a draw, but you lose if Team 1 wins.
  • Betting on "1 or 2" means you win if either Team 1 or Team 2 wins. But if the match ends in a draw, your bet is not a winner.

Because you have more chances to be correct with a double chance bet, the risks involved are usually lesser. This makes it a perfect pick for anyone just starting. But then again, you need to keep in mind that the odds are also lower compared to other bets, which makes room for lesser returns.

Football bet types double chance

Let's break down double chance bets with a Premier League match between Fulham and Everton. Looking at the odds, it seems likely that Everton will either win or the match will end in a draw. Now, if you place a bet of 10,000 GHS and the match ends in a draw, you win 12,800 GHS. If Everton wins, you get 12,500 GHS.

Total Bets (Over/Under)

Total bets, also known as over-under, goal lines, or football spreads, refer to a special type of bet that works great when it is tough to pick a clear winner. The idea is simple: instead of betting on a specific team to win or lose a match, you can just predict the total goals scored that might be scored in the match.

But wait, you don't need to be exact. During the match, you will notice a specific goal line set by the bookmaker. Your only task is to predict whether the total of the final score will be over or under that value.

  • Over (O): If you bet on the "Over," you're predicting that the total number of goals in the match will be more than the goal line set by the bookmaker.
  • Under (U): If you bet on the "Under," you're predicting that the total number of goals in the match will be fewer than the goal line set by the bookmaker.


There are different ways to bet on the total number of goals. The most common route is betting on the total goals that will be scored in the entire match. Alternatively, you can predict the total goals at halftime or the total goals scored by each team individually. You can also bet on the goals scored by each team in each half.

Note: If you love combining bets, mixing total bets with 3-way bets or double chance bets can be an exciting option for you.

Let’s try to break things down for a better understanding, considering a Ghana vs. Nigeria clash.  Say, when you check the goal line for the match, you find out to be the values as given in the table below:


Under 0.5



Over 0.5


Under 1.5



Over 1.5


Under 2.5



Over 2.5


Under 3.5



Over 3.5


Under 4.5



Over 4.5


Under 5.5



Over 5.5


Now, if the final scoreline is 1-4 in favor of Nigeria, your bet can turn out to be successful in two instances. First, when you predict Over 4.5 ( because the total number of goals in the match "5" is over 4.5). Second, when you predict under 5.5 (because the total number of goals in the match is under 5.5)

The amount you might win, though, will also depend on the option you choose. Say you wager 10,000 GHS on under 5.5. Then, as per the odds set (check the table), your final winnings will stand at 10,200 GHS. On the contrary, if you had predicted Over 4.5, you could have won a whopping 66,000 GHS.

Studying the Table for Totals:

If you want to make accurate total bets, it is important to study the table like a pro.  Looking at the odds here, it appears that both Ghana and Nigeria are likely to score in the game. The odds suggest the bookmaker expects more than two goals.

Now, taking a closer look at Nigeria and Ghana, Nigeria seems to be much stronger. With many star players in their lineup, it's not difficult to predict that the match will be high-scoring. Considering all this, you can make accurate total bets.

Exact Goals and Correct Score Bets

Exact Goals and Correct Score bets are advanced options in football betting. It takes a step further from the usual over/under bets. Unlike over/under predictions, where you estimate based on a given range, these exact bets require pinpoint accuracy. 

In Exact Goals Betting, you take on the challenge of guessing the precise number of goals you expect in the match. It refers to the total number of goals that are likely to be scored by both teams combined.

Meanwhile, in Correct Score Betting, the task is even more specific. Here, you aim to predict the exact final score of the game.

The odds for Exact Goals and Correct Score bets are usually high. That's because the prediction demands precision. While the potential returns can be significant, it's important to recognize the associated risks. 

Note: These bets are best suited for seasoned punters with a deep understanding of the game and the teams playing.

Let's imagine a match where Argentina faces Brazil in a cup final. This will help us see how this kind of bet works more practically.

Exact Goals Betting:

Objective: Predicting the exact number of goals in the match.



Exact 0 Goals


Exact 1 Goal


Exact 2 Goals


Exact 3 Goals


Exact 4 Goals


Exact 5 or more Goals


If you bet 10,000 GHS on "Exact 2 Goals" at odds of 6.5 and the match ends 1-1 (2 goals in total), your winnings would be:

10,000 GHS × 6.5 = 65,000 GHS.

Correct Score Betting:

Objective: Predicting the exact final score of the match.



Argentina 1-0


Argentina 2-0


Argentina 2-1


Brazil 1-0


Brazil 2-0


Brazil 2-1


Draw 0-0


Draw 1-1


If you bet 10,000 GHS on "Argentina 2-1" at odds of 8.0 and the match ends with that score, your winnings would be:

10,000 GHS × 8.0 = 80,000 GHS

Handicap Bets

Handicap betting is an all-out bet type for advanced punters. It applies in a football match that involves two teams that are unevenly matched (skill and experience-wise). The idea of a handicap is to even things up.

Here is how it works: right at the beginning, a handicap score (positive or negative) is assigned to the teams. The positive one acts as a head start for the underdog, while the negative one serves as a disadvantage for the stronger opponent.

If you bet on the team with a positive handicap (+X), your team can win, draw, or lose by less than the handicap score for your bet to be successful. However, when and if you bet on the team with a negative handicap (-X), your team needs to win by more than the handicap score.

This type of bet is pretty simple. However, things get a little tough when it comes to executing it. The following example can help in this regard:

Let's say Germany is a stronger team than Tunisia, and the handicap is set at Germany -1.5. This means that before the match starts, Germany is considered to be trailing by 1.5 goals, and Tunisia is leading by the same margin.

If you bet on Germany with a handicap of -1.5:

  • Germany needs to win by at least two goals for your bet to be successful.

If you bet on Tunisia with a handicap of +1.5:

  • Tunisia can win, draw, or lose by just one goal for your bet to be a winner.


Halftime/Fulltime Bets

Halftime/full-time (HT/FT) is another type of simple but exciting football bet that I love engaging in. Here, what you need to do is guess which team is more likely to lead the score tally by the end of halftime and full-time. It's like predicting the winner but with a twist. The catch is that for your bet to pay out, both predictions should match the respective outcomes.

For example, in the FIFA World Cup '22 final, Argentina was leading 2-0 at halftime. However, by the end of the full time, the final score turned out to be 3-3. In this scenario, if your HT/FT prediction was "Argentina/Draw," indicating Argentina leading at halftime but drawing eventually, your bet would have been successful.

Quick Tip: For better HT/FT bets, take a closer look at the teams' goal-scoring patterns. Some teams may score more goals in the first half, while others may be stronger in the second half.

Odd/Even Bets

Odd/Even bets are a treat for experienced punters who love predicting final score lines. The whole idea of this form of wager revolves around guessing whether the final score will be an odd number or an even number. 

Now, it's important to remember that when I'm saying final score, it takes into account the number of goals that both teams score in regulation time. This means that the figure doesn't count goals scored in extra time or penalties.

Due to its comparatively difficult nature, the odds for odd/even bets are usually higher. This means although the risk associated is a bit high, correct guesses can yield big returns. 

Tip: If you want to make correct Odd/Even bets, trust strategy before anything. Things like having a good level of understanding of the game and doing proper research about the teams can help.

Take, for instance, a final score of 2-2, where the total number of goals is 4. Since 4 is an even number, a bet against evens would pay out, while a bet against odds would result in the loss of your stake.

Other Types of Football Bets to Try on Parimatch

Parimatch has Africa's largest and most diverse collection of football betting options. On this platform, you can find not only the well-known bets I discussed earlier but also many additional and special types to choose from. You can simply navigate to a match you're interested in and check the betting options available for that event.

Parimatch sports betting platform stands out as the premier choice for football lovers across Africa. It seamlessly caters to anyone seeking a wide variety of betting options. Thanks to the extensive range of bet types, football fans can actively engage in pre-match, live, and virtual betting. By tuning in to Parimatch, you can take part in any match at any given time. 

For a more convenient solution, Parimatch offers a well-optimized mobile app. Using that, you can let your fingertips take charge and bet from your comfort zone.


That wraps up my detailed guide on football bets. Here, I've discussed the seven most popular bet types that apply to any football match. Each offers a unique set of advantages and challenges. Picking one can be difficult, but not once you know how they work and when they work the best. 

Before making predictions, make sure to analyze the situation you're in. The trick is to consider your expertise, budget, and risk-tolerating abilities,  then select a bet type that serves your needs.

By reading this far, you've gained insights into the exciting options that add thrill to betting on this sport. Now it's time to utilize this knowledge and be a part of your favorite match in a big way.

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Which is the best bet in football?

The best bet in football may vary depending on your preferences and risk tolerances. Double-chance wagers can be a great option if you want more flexibility. On the contrary, total bets (Over/Under) are an excellent choice for simplicity and variety. 

What is the best and most efficient option to bet on football?

There's no single "best" option to bet on football. If you're a new bettor, start with simple 1X2 or Double Chance bets. Trying Exact Goals or Over/Under with careful analysis can be efficient for those comfortable with risk. Finally, exploring something like Handicap bets is excellent for value and returns.

What is the most popular type of bet?

Ghana's most popular football bets include Total bets (Over/Under), Odd/Even bets, Exact Goals, and Correct Score bets.

What is the best type of bet in soccer?

Determining the "best" type of bet on football is subjective. It depends on individual preferences, strategies, and risk tolerance. Some popular and widely used types of bets include Moneyline, Over/Under, Exact Score, Double Chance, and Handicap.