The betslip tab is located at the bottom of the Parimatch betting app and on the left side of the Parimatch website. This tab leads you to the section where you finalize all your bets.

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As noted above, this section gives you a rundown of your bets, enables you to place wagers, and generates an itemized list and receipt for these bets.

betslip on Parimatch app

However, the betslip isn’t limited to simply these tasks. This is where you manage all your bets, ensuring that you’re wagering the correct amount on the right bet for the odds you desire.

Single Bets in the Betslip 


Single Bets is one of the types of wagers you will find on Parimatch Ghana. You can find the betslip at the bottom of the Parimatch app or the website's left side. A single bet depends on an outcome in your favorite sport, like football

With a single bet, you are betting that Manchester United will win against Chelsea, and that's it. You don't have to make two selections as you would with multiple bets. For instance, multiple bets mean you have to wager on Manchester United winning against Chelsea and Newcastle winning against Manchester City.

Note: A single bet is more straightforward to win and simple; however, it has fewer returns than multiple bets. As a bettor in 2023, you should know how to swing between two and pick the one that suits your risk appetite more. 

Parlay Bets in the Betslip

Parlay bets, popularly known as accumulator betting, are wager types that combine several selections into one single bet. The selling in for the accumulator bets is that they offer higher payouts, and the odds are multiplied with each choice. But the perks also come with a downside—riskier as all your selections must be successful. You can use a betslip converter for this bet. 

Accumulator or Parlay bets can be placed on different sports, like football SRL, and unrelated events. For example, you can't parlay a game's outcome and the total points scored in the game, as both factors depend on each other. To make a parlay bet on Parimatch Ghana, navigate to the app's betslip feature and tap Parlay on the screen's left corner. 

Multibet in the Betslip 


When you are betting on Parimatch Ghana, you can make multiple bets at once. However, you might want the bets/wagers to be independent. To fix that, use the system bets. Rather than linking all the bets into one, the system lets you choose the combinations you prefer. 

For instance, if you have six bets/wagers, you can decide to make the bets into six singles. Similarly, you can group them up into pairs or triples. You can play around with the grouping in your betslip code for tomorrow, whichever way you like. The way you decide to group the bets is up to you. However, you should note that the different combinations affect your total win. 

To place a system bet on Parimatch, Ghana, navigate to the betslip. Refer to the Single Bets section on accessing the Betslip on Parimatch. Once you open the betslip, click the "System" options. Tap it to reveal the wagers and odds you have made. Choose the type of grouping you want. With this, you can easily customize your bets and control your winning.  


In closing, crafting a Betslip with Parimatch is a seamless process. You also get a digital record of the wagers you have placed, which you are free to adjust and edit to suit your needs perfectly. There is no need to guess what you bet on—answers are only a click away. 

Undoubtedly, Parimatch makes sports betting a much more enjoyable experience. Aside from the user-friendly bet slip interface, Parimatch has a wealth of promotional offers. It also provides its bettors a safe and secure environment with security measures. 

With over 29 years on the market, Ghanaians have a sustainable option in us. Come and see for yourself. If you are looking for a seamless and gratifying experience, Parimatch is the right gaming site to make your favorite in 2023. 

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How to hack a Betslip?

You would be disappointed if you were looking for a way to hack Parimatch's betslip. As it stands, Parimatch's betslips are hack-proof. It would be best if you went through the typical way to bag big wins at Parimatch, Ghana. 

How do I check my Betslip today in Parimatch Ghana?

Parimatch boasts some of the most seamless interfaces of any African bookmaker. The site and app ensure frictionless navigation, and you are only a few clicks away from finding the app's betslip. You want to make sure all your selections make the bet slips. So, to do that, you must navigate to the top left corner of the site or at the bottom of the Parimatch app. 

Navigate to the sports section and pick your favorite speculations for a successful pick. Once you have selected the ones you want, go to the booth of the screen for an app and the top right corner. Once you find the prompt, click it, check all your selections, and check if you want to make any adjustments. 

How do I bet on Betslip?

A Betslip is an auto-generated list that reflects all the wagers you have selected on Parimatch. When you want to bet on bet slips, pick the most likely outcome of the number of sporting events on the homepage. You can choose from the several sports available in Parimatch, Ghana. Here is a run-through of the process:

  • Register an account on Parimatch Ghana either on the app or website 
  • Fund your Parimatch account 
  • Search for the match, like a football game, you are interested in (Parimatch has an incredibly user-friendly interface, so you won't have a problem finding your way around) 
  • Select the type of bet you prefer—Moneyline, 1×2 bet, or others. 
  • Click the results you think might happen 
  • Repeat steps 3 to 5 if you want multiple bets 
  • Navigate to the Betslip
  • Decide if you want single, multiple, Parlay, or system bets 
  • Input a wager amount and place your bet

Can you cash out on a Betslip?

Yes! On Parimatch, you are free to cash out on a betslip. This incredible feature lets you bag some of your wins before the match or event you bet on winds to a close. Hence, you have better control over your wins and don't have to lose out on your wager when a game doesn't seem as promising anymore.