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African Champions League Overview: CAF Champions League 2023-2024

Dates of the CAF Champions League 2023-2024 Qualifying Rounds: 18 August – 1 October 2023
Main Event 24 November 2023 – 26 May 2024
Administrator Confederation of African Football (CAF)
Participating Clubs 54 (Representing 42 Associations)
Final Venue Yet to be Announced
Format Qualifying Rounds + Group Stages + Knockouts
CAFCL 2023 Winners Al Ahly
Most Successful Team Al Ahly (11 Titles)

CAF Champions League Format

The 2023-2024 edition of the CAF Champions League will be played in a new format. So, before you engage in betting activities, it is important to understand how the competition will unfold.

To begin with, we'll have a qualifier. In this round, 54 teams from 42 associations will compete. From there, the ten highest-ranked teams will be exempted, while the remaining teams will be divided into three pots. The division, in this case, will purely be based on their club coefficient.

Once the qualifiers are over, the next CAF Champions League draw is the First Preliminary round. Here, teams from Pot 1 will be drawn against the teams in Pot 2. The winners of each match will then advance to the Second Preliminary round, where they will be drawn against the teams in Pot 3.

As soon as the Second Preliminary round concludes, the respective winners will advance to the next phase, aka the CAF Champions League group stage. It will involve 16 teams divided into 4 groups of 4. The teams will play each other twice in the usual home and away format. Post-completion, the top two teams (from each group) will head over to the knockout stages.

A total of 8 teams will reach the knockout stages of the CAF Champions League and will take part in the general draws—quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final. All fixtures in this regard will be played home and away, with the away goals rule being applied.

In case the aggregate score is tied after the second leg, extra time will be played. If the score stands as a tie after the added time, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

Note: The winner of the 2023-2024 CAF Champions League will directly qualify for the 2024 edition of the FIFA Club World Cup.

CAF Champions League Facts

Introducing the CAF Champions League, Africa's top club football tournament. Started in 1964 by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), this competition is a big deal in African soccer. The reigning champs, Al Ahly from Egypt, have won it a record 11 times. Egypt is the most successful country with 17 titles, followed by Morocco with 7.

Now, let's dive into more fascinating CAF Champions League facts:

  • ⚽ 26 clubs have claimed the trophy, with 12 of them winning it more than once.
  • ⚽ The most successful coach is Manuel José, who clinched the title 4 times.
  • ⚽ Due to political issues in Africa, the competition had to pause twice, in 1972 and 1985.
  • ⚽ Sadly, violence has also tainted the CAF Champions League. In 2014, a match between Al Ahly and Esperance of Tunisia had to be abandoned because of fan riots.
  • ⚽ In the context of CAF, many confuse Al Ahly with Al Ahly Benghazi. But in reality, they are different. While the former is a football club based in Cairo, Egypt, the latter is based in Benghazi, Libya. Benghazi is one of the most successful teams in the Libyan Cup. In the final Al Ahly Benghazi overcame their opponent 12 times.

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CAF Champions League Fixtures 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 CAF Champions League will be the 60th edition of Africa's premier club football tournament. The qualifying rounds will run from August up until the 1st of October 2023. Following that, the group stages will begin in the month of November 2023, while the final is scheduled to be played in May 2024.

At Parimatch, we strive to bring our users the most updated pieces of info. In this respect, we present to you the CAF Champions League draw for the 2023-2024 season. Read the table for CAF fixtures and never miss a moment of the competition:

Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Qualifying rounds First round 25 July 2023 18–20 August 2023 25–27 August 2023
  Second round   15–17 September 2023 29 September – 1 October 2023
Group stage Matchday 1 1 October 2023 24–25 November 2023  
  Matchday 2   1–2 December 2023  
  Matchday 3   8–9 December 2023  
  Matchday 4   19 December 2023  
  Matchday 5   23–24 February 2024  
  Matchday 6   1–2 March 2024  
Knockout stage Quarter-finals March 2024 29–30 March 2024 5–6 April 2024
  Semi-finals   19–20 April 2024 26–27 April 2024
  Final   19 May 2024 26 May 2024

CAF Champions League Teams

As already mentioned, CAFCL makes room for 54 teams representing a total of 42 African associations. Now, before looking at the team list, you'll need to understand that the associations can enter the competition with either one or two teams.

The CAF determines which associations can send two teams and which are restricted to only one team. The decision is based on various factors that involve the competitiveness of the respective national leagues.

Associations with strong national leagues (often represented by successful clubs in recent CAF Champions League editions) can send two teams. However, associations with less competitive national leagues are limited to just one option.

Association that can send two teams for CAF Champions League 2023-24

Country Team 1 Team 2
Morocco AS FAR Wydad AC
Egypt Al Ahly Pyramids
Algeria CR Belouizdad CS Constantine
South Africa Mamelodi Sundowns Orlando Pirates
Tunisia Étoile du Sahel Espérance Tunis
Tanzania Young Africans Simba DR
Congo TP Mazembe AS Vita Club
Angola Petro de Luanda Primeiro de Agosto
Sudan Al Hilal Al Merrikh
Guinea Hafia Horoya
Libya Al Ahli Tripoli Al Ahly Benghazi
Nigeria Enyimba Remo Stars

Association that can send one team for CAFCL 2023-24

Country Team
Ivory Coast ASEC Mimosas
Cameroon Coton FC Sport
Zambia Power Dynamos
Congo AS Otohô
Senegal Génération Foot
Mali Real Bamako
Togo ASKO Kara
Uganda Vipers
Botswana Jwaneng Galaxy
Burkina Faso AS Douanes Ouagadougou
Eswatini Green Mamba
Niger AS GNN
Benin Coton FC Sport Benin
Ghana Medeama
Mauritania FC Nouadhibou
Burundi Bumamuru
Comoros Djabal
Djibouti Djibouti Telecom
Gabon Centre Sportif de Bendje
Equatorial Guinea Dragon FC
Ethiopia Saint George
Liberia LISCR
Malawi Nyasa Big Bullets
Mozambique UD Songo
Namibia African Stars
Rwanda APR
Sierra Leone Bo Rangers
Somalia Gaadiidka
South Sudan Salaam FC Bor
Zanzibar KMKM

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CAF Champions League 2022-23 Top Performers


CAF Champions League 2022-23 Top Performers


For a successful CAF Champions League betting session, it is vital to keep an eye on the top performers of the previous seasons. To help you with that, Parimatch Ghana is your trusted companion.

We're here with a quick look at the best performers, offering you valuable insights and expert analysis to enhance your betting experience.

The top goal scorers from the 2022/2023 CAF Champions League are:

  • Peter Shalulile (Mamelodi Sundowns): 6 goals
  • Mahmoud Kahraba (Al Ahly): 6 goals
  • Hamza Khabba (Raja CA): 5 goals
  • Percy Tau (Al Ahly): 5 goals
  • Makabi Lilepo (Al Hilal): 4 goals
  • Clatous Chama (Simba): 4 goals
  • Jean Othos (Simba): 4 goals
  • Cassius Mailula (Mamelodi Sundowns): 4 goals
  • Bouly Sambou (Wydad AC): 4 goals
  • Hussein El Shahat (Al Ahly): 4 goals

CAF Champions League Final 2023-2024

CAF Champions League Final 2023-2024

The 2023 CAF Champions League final brought together two football giants, Egypt's Al Ahly and Morocco's Wydad AC, in a thrilling showdown. This clash marked a historic moment in the CAF Champions League, as it was the second consecutive final featuring the same two clubs following their meeting in the 2022 final.

On June 11, 2023, fans gathered at the Stade Mohammed V stadium in Casablanca, to witness the second leg of this epic battle. In the end, Al Ahly emerged victorious, with a final scoreline of 3-1 against Wydad AC, adding another chapter to the rich history of African club football.

Match Al Ahly vs Wydad AC
Aggregate Final Score 3-2
First Leg Details
Score 2-1
Date 4 June 2023
Venue Cairo International Stadium, Cairo
Second Leg Details
Score 1-1
Date 11 June 2023
Venue Stade Mohammed V, Casablanca

The finale of the ongoing edition is all set to take place on May 26, 2023. We at Parimatch will bring the CAF Champions League live score for every match, including the climax, right at your fingertips. Yes, you can bet on the CAF Champions League season finale here at Africa's most loved sports platform, Parimatch!

CAF Champions League Predictions

CAF Champions League Predictions

When it comes to the CAF Champions League, there's more to it than just cheering for your favorite team. In fact, it's a golden opportunity for football enthusiasts like you in Ghana to dive into the exciting world of online betting with Parimatch.

Imagine this: Your team is a goal-scoring machine, and they're up against an opponent known for being leaky in defense. You can put your prediction skills to the test using our user-friendly betting app. You might wager that your team will score a specific number of goals in the upcoming match.

On the flip side, if both teams have a history of high scores, you could bet that both teams will find the back of the net, with your preferred team coming out victorious.

Either way, it is a win-win situation for you! So why wait? Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy CAF predictions with Parimatch.

Pre-Match Betting & Odds

Pre-Match Betting & Odds

Pre-match betting is like the strategic playbook of sports betting, especially when you're getting into the thrilling world of CAF Champions League matches with Parimatch Ghana.

Here's the deal: Before the match kicks off, you get to do your homework. You can check out the upcoming CAF fixtures, size up the teams, and even dig into their past performances. Armed with this info, you can make smart decisions about your bets.

One of the perks of pre-match betting is that the odds are more stable. They don't jump all over the place like a bouncing ball. Even if they do change a bit during the day, you can easily swap your bet for another one from our vast selection.

But here's the catch: Once the match starts, your bet is locked in. You can't change your mind, so choose wisely.

Ready to make your pre-match bets for CAF Champions League action in Ghana? Start here and get in on the game before the excitement begins!

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Live Betting & Odds

Live Betting & Odds

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is like catching the game's excitement and making bets in real time. It's not just about what's happening at the start or the end, but the entire football match. Whether it's the first half, the second half, or even halftime, live betting keeps you in the action.

Here's the deal: The odds during live betting are always on the move, like a game of chess. They change based on what's unfolding on the field. So, you're not just predicting the final score; you're predicting what could happen next.

For example, if a team is dominating the game and attacking relentlessly, you might bet that they'll score the next goal. It's all about staying in sync with the match's rhythm.

But here's a heads up: Live betting can be so engrossing that you might miss out on other exciting matches happening simultaneously. So, don't get too fixated on one game.

And when it comes to live betting in the CAF Champions League, we've got your back with live results and the best odds. Get in on the action and make your moves with Parimatch Ghana.

CAF Champions League Table

CAF Champions League Table

CAF Champions League standings are like a cheat sheet for people who bet on soccer games. They give you information about how well teams are doing and how good they are compared to others. This helps bettors make smarter bets by predicting which team might win or lose based on their recent performance.

For instance, in the 2022-23 season, Al Ahly and Wydad AC (who eventually played in the finals) were among the best-performing teams throughout. With 78 and 71 points, respectively, they stood first and second. So, this kind of information makes it easier for people to predict which teams are likely to do well.

This year, the group states will kick start from the month of November, followed by the quarter-finals in March. The qualification semi-finals for CAF will be played in the month of March-April 2024 and May will witness the grand finale.

Quick Tip: At Parimatch, you can check the standings right after the Champions League matches today.

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African Champions League Betting Tips

CAF Champions League Betting Tips

Wagering on soccer matches is exciting, but the same can be daunting for those who lack a proper strategy. But don't worry, you're in safe hands. Check the following CAF Champions League betting tips and make next-to-accurate predictions.

  • Check the Odds: Odds comparison is vital. Look at the values assigned to each team in a match. The team with the lower odds is usually considered the favorite to win, like Al Ahly Benghazi, with odds of 1.27. Betting on the favorite can be safer, but you might not win as much money because the CAF Champion League odds for this team are lower.
  • Research the Teams: Before predicting CAF Champions League results, learn about the teams playing. Are they in good form? Do they have key players injured? Understanding the teams' strengths and weaknesses can help you make a better bet.
  • Backing Favorites: When betting on CAF Champions League matches, consider backing the team with lower pre-match odds to win. For instance, in the game between Al Hilal Omdurman and Al Ahly Tripoli, where Al Ahly Tripoli has odds of 1.27 for a home victory (Compared to 8.77 for Al Hilal Omdurman), they are the favorites.
  • Home Advantage: Teams playing at home often have a slight advantage. Odds comparison will play a role in this regard as well. For example, if Orlando Pirates are playing at their home stadium, it might be worth considering them as a choice. You can easily say that by looking at the odds.
  • Beware of Underdogs: Sometimes, underdog teams like Remo Stars can pull off surprises. If the odds for an underdog are really high (like 8.77 for Al Hilal Omdurman), a small bet on them could lead to a big payout if they win.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest news and updates about the teams and the tournament. Injuries, changes in coaching staff, or other factors can impact a team's performance.
  • Consider Different Bets: You don't have to only bet on the winner. There are other types of bets, like over/under goals or goal scorers, that can be interesting and potentially more profitable.

African Champions League Betting Tips

Wrapping Up

With that, we're done talking about the CAF Champions League. If you're eager to make predictions on this elite African soccer league, try Parimatch. From competitive odds to a plethora of bet types, our platform has all the ingredients that every punter is after.

To add to that, we at Parimatch boast an exclusive set of promotions that are ready to boost your winnings in no time. Furthermore, the availability of prompt customer support ensures your queries get resolved without a hitch.

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Who won the most African Champions League?

As of 2023, the most successful club in the CAF Champions League history is Al Ahly SC of Egypt. They are 11-time CAF Champions League winners, with the latest coming in the 2022-23 season.

Where is the CAF Champions League final 2023 - 2024?

The location for the CAF Champions League final for the 2023-2024 season has not been decided. Please check with the official CAF (Confederation of African Football) website for the most up-to-date information.

Who is the top goal scorer in the CAF Champions League 2023?

Peter Shalulil of the Sundowns and Mahmoud Kahraba of Al Ahly were the top scorers for the 2022-23 season. Both scored six goals.

How many games are in the CAF Champions League final?

The CAF Champions League final is played over two legs—home and away matches.

Which year did Kotoko win the CAF Champions League?

Asante Kotoko won the CAF Champions League twice. First time in 1970 and later in 1983. They were the first Ghanaian club to ever win the tournament.

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