Double Chance betting is one of the many ways to make predictions that have been gaining popularity for good reasons. No matter whether it's football, basketball, hockey, or virtual sport, this type of bet is currently a user-favorite. If you want to know the meaning of double chance in betting, stay tuned. 

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Parimatch offers a wide variety of bet types. Here's a glimpse of the available bet markets:

  • Moneyline (to win)
  • 1x2 (3-way)
  • Double chance
  • Handicap
  • Asian Handicap
  • Total (over/under)
  • Correct score
  • Both teams to score
  • Draw
  • No draw
  • Half-time/full-time

In the following article, you'll get to understand everything about this type of bet—from how it works to when it works the best. Moreover, you'll learn some double chance betting tips today that can eventually help you make the most of it. So keep reading!

❓ What Does Double Chance Mean in Betting?

double chance

Just as the name suggests, a double chance bet is a type of bet which allows you to make two predictions simultaneously. It is like a more secure version of the money line bet. While in the latter, you only get to pick one outcome, double chance lets you pick two. Needless to say, this bet type offers a higher chance of winning compared to a traditional bet. 

Let's use the example of a Ghana Premier League football match between Dreams FC and Asante Kotoko FC to understand what is double chance in betting. Suppose Dreams is the home team while Asante is the away team for the encounter. 

Now, similar to any football match, you've three possible outcomes: Win, Draw, or Lose. In traditional betting, you can only go with one of the three results at a time. However, when you decide to place a double chance bet, here are the available options:

  • Home Team Win or Draw (1X)
  • Away Team Win or Draw (X2)
  • Either Team Wins (12)

Situations When Your Bets Win:

  1. Home Team Win or Draw (1X): If you place a double chance bet on "1X," you win when Dreams FC wins the match or the game ends in a draw. You lose only if Asante Kotoko FC wins.
  2. Away Team Win or Draw (X2): If you place a double chance bet on "X2," you win when Asante Kotoko FC wins the match, or the game ends in a draw. Your bet loses if Dreams FC wins.
  3. Either Team Wins (12): If you place a double chance bet on "12," you win when either Dreams FC or Asante Kotoko FC wins the match. The bet loses only when the game ends in a draw.

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Reading the Odds for a Double Chance Bet

Odds generally work a similar way for any kind of bet, and a double chance wager is no exception. The only difference is that instead of finding three values for three unique results, you'll see three sets of odds, each representing two possible results: 1 or Draw, No Draw, 2 or Draw (for football).

Consider the Dreams FC (H) vs Asante Kotoko FC (A) and suppose before placing a bet, you find the odds to read as follows:

1 or draw


No draw


2 or draw


Say you bet 10,000 GHS on 1X. This means if Dreams FC wins the match or the match ends in a draw, your bet can earn: 

10,000 GHS x 1.11  =11,100 GHS

Net Profit = 1,100 GHS

A bet of the same amount on 12 and 2X can earn 11,700 GHS and 14,100 GHS, respectively.

Advantages of Double Chance Betting

Now that you've understood the meaning of home or away double chance in betting, it is time to learn about the benefits that this bet type brings to the table. 

Boosts the Likelihood of a Successful Outcome

In a traditional bet, where there are three possible results, you would typically win in only one scenario. However, with double chance betting, you cover two out of the three potential outcomes. This eventually reduces the risk of loss. 

Mathematically speaking, the probability of making an accurate prediction of a football match is 0.33 (1/3). However, the number increases to 0.66 (2/3) when you decide to go with a double chance bet. 

Entirely Beginner Friendly

Thanks to the less risky nature, a double chance bet is often considered a perfect fit for beginners to start with. Consider yourself placing your first-ever bet on a football match between two closely contested teams. Which option would you prefer: make one prediction or go with two? No doubt you'll prefer the second one because it's more likely to be accurate.

Betting on Underdogs Become More Secure

Sports betting is more profitable when you wager on underdogs. That's because the odds of winning are higher. But at the same time, going with the underdogs instead of the favorites can be very risky. Well, guess what? Double chance bets make underdog betting more secure.

Suppose Belgium is playing against Ghana in the World Cup. Even though Belgium is expected to win, if Ghana pulls off an upset, you can make more money because of higher odds. Instead of putting all your money on Ghana winning, which is a bit risky, you can make a double chance bet. This means you're betting on Ghana winning and another outcome, like a draw.

So when should you place bets on two possible outcomes? The answer is:

a. When you're a beginner;

b. When you like to play it safe;

c. When you're willing to bet on an underdog for a bigger payout and want to be safe at the same time. 

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Disadvantages of Double Chance Bet

Although double chance wagers bring together an array of benefits, just like everything else in this universe, these types of bets also have some drawbacks. Firstly, due to its less risky nature, the returns generated are also on the lesser side. The odds associated are often less, which means your successful bets will yield less money. 

Secondly, a double chance bet is not ideal for every case. These types of bets are often used to support underdogs or in situations where the outcome is uncertain. If you're confident that the favorite will win, opting for a double chance bet might not be the most profitable strategy.

Tips to Make the Best Out of Every Double Chance Bet

Yes, double chance meaning in betting is pretty simple. However, executing it properly is often tough. To help you in this respect, the following are a few key tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Although risk-free, don't use double chance bets blindly. Instead, do your research, look into the recent performance of the teams, and then make a decision.
  • Double chance in betting means you can place two bets simultaneously, but that doesn't ask you to do so every time. The correct approach is analyzing the match situation properly and picking your bets accordingly.
  • Try to combine double chance bets with other types of bets. This will create a diversified strategy and make room for more wins.

How to Place a Double Chance Bet?

Placing a double chance bet is a breeze with Parimatch. Follow the step-by-step guide, and you'll be making predictions in no time:

  • First, create a Parimatch account if you don't have any. For that, either visit the website or download the app. Click on the Sign-Up button, enter the details and get verified. If you already have an account, simply log in.
  • Next, add funds to your betslip;
  • After that, look for the "Sport" option in the menu and click on it;
  • Browse the events and pick the sport, followed by choosing the match you want to bet on;
  • Scroll down to find "Double chance". Select the outcome you'd like to bet on;
  • Finally, head to the betslip and finalize your bets.


That wraps up today's session. If you've read until this point, you've surely learned what's the meaning of double chance in betting. With the knowledge you have right now, it won't be tough to make accurate predictions on sporting events.

Wonder where to start? The answer is Parimatch! Our platform is one of the premier avenues for sports betting in all of Africa. Once you create an account, you'll start enjoying amazing features like a user-friendly UI, a vast betting market, 24/7 customer support, regular, rewarding promotions, and more. Don't wait; get started today!

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❓ What is double chance in betting?

Double chance betting is a type of bet where you can make two predictions at the same time. Say in a football match, you can predict the home team to win or draw/the away team to win or draw/the home team or the away team to win.  

❓ How do you make money from double chance betting?

To make money from double chance betting, first you need to strategize your prediction through proper analysis. Once done, you can visit Parimatch and wager any desired amount on a result that you expect to happen.

❓ What is the first half double chance bet?

The first half double chance bet is a type of football bet where you're predicting the outcome of the game's first half. Instead of just picking one result, you get two chances to win. For example, you might bet that a team will either be winning or the scoreline will remain a draw at halftime.