1.   How do I make a deposit?

First, have your user account registered and activated. Then, go to the main page and click on the “Deposit” button in the upper right corner. You will be presented with instructions in the form of text on how to make a deposit.

2.   Can I use different phone numbers for registration and making deposits?

Using a phone number different from the one you used during the registration to make deposits is forbidden due to standard account security measures. So you can only use a single number. However, you can contact our customer support if you have any issues with the number you used during the registration and need to update or change it.

3.   Why can't I see the deposit I have made in my account?customer support

Because we are using various payment services for different payment methods, the transfer of funds can take a certain amount of time for the transaction to go through. In 99% of cases, you should simply wait a bit. Otherwise, reach our customer support  to figure out an issue and speed things up.

4.   What is the minimum sum of money I can deposit?

Parimatch Ghana’s minimum deposit amount is the same for every payment option we offer – just GHS 1.


1.   Is account verification a necessary procedure?

We will from time to time verify the personal details you provided us. As part of these checks we may also ask you to provide documentation, including but not limited to copies of your identification documents and any other documents that can be used to verify your identity details as supplied to us by you. In other cases, just make sure that your Mobile money account name or bank account name matches your Parimatch account registration name. Otherwise, your account would be suspended for further proof and submission.

2.   How does account verification work?

Parimatch requires a valid ID. All you need to do is to provide the personal phone number that you have registered your account with, and include photos of one of the following documents whenever you’re prompted to verify your account:

1.   National ID

2.   Voter ID Card

3.   Picture page of International passport

4.   Drivers license

3.   Which exact documents do I need to submit for account verification?

It can be a National ID, a Voter ID Card, an International passport, or a driver’s license – any of these will work to verify your identity and the account you created.

Use your phone camera and take photos of the front and back sides of the document + take a selfie with the document next to your face.

*For the International passport — take a picture of a page with your personal data and photo (full document visible in a photo frame) and a selfie holding the passport next to your face.

4.   How do I upload document photos for account verification?

Just contact customer care and request for verification procedure and provide your personal information: a personal phone number that you’ve used to register the account and the document photo (front + back sides) + selfie with ID document that is used for the verification. Our professional support team will help you solve the verification issue right away.

5.   What if I lack the necessary documents for the account verification?

The customer care specialists will provide you with assistance in solving this problem. We may request other documents that will serve as a substitute just fine.

6.   How much time does the account verification take?

Once you upload the proper document photos (make sure to use high-definition photos to speed up the process), it takes no more than 5 minutes to check everything and notify you about the successful account verification.


1.   How do I withdraw the cash I have in my account?

To withdraw money, click on your personal account settings menu in the upper right corner (right next to the “Deposit” button), and choose the “Withdraw”. In the section you see, specify the payment method and the sum you would like to withdraw, and just do what the instructions say. Remember: you can’t use different payment methods to deposit and withdraw money.

2.   Can I withdraw money using a phone number different from that I used during registration?

To keep your funds and transactions taking place on the platform as protected as possible, we cannot allow you to use different phone numbers for registering on the site and for withdrawing cash from your account. If you have any issues or need assistance figuring out the cash withdrawal specifics at Parimatch, contact our customer service at any time.

3.   Why can’t I see the money I have withdrawn in my Mobile wallet/e-wallet?

The time required to process your funds’ withdrawal depends heavily on the specifics of the system and method of transacting the funds. If you have been waiting for more than 24 hours, turn to our customer support to fix a possible issue.

4.   What is the minimum sum of money I can withdraw?

The minimum amount of funds you can withdraw is limited to 5 GHS per transaction

5.   What do I do if the cash withdrawal isn’t working?

First, you have to check the following list of reasons why your withdrawal wouldn’t work:

  • You have an active bonus that needs wagering before funds withdraw.
  • You have used a different deposit method (not the same as the one you’ve chosen to withdraw).
  • You haven’t wagered your deposit funds.

6.   In other cases, you can turn to the customer support of Parimatch directly. Make sure to have a screenshot of the failed withdrawal attempt to help us see what’s exactly going on.


1.   How do I place a bet via Parimatch?

All you need to do to start betting once you register on the Parimatch platform is:

  • Pick a category of sports and choose the event you’d like to bet on;
  • There are total, 1X2 bets, double chance bets, and a lot more – pick your preferred market;
  • Specify the outcome you’re predicting and the sum of your bet;
  • That’s it, to place another bet, simply select other events in other categories, and they will be added to your betslip;

2.   What is the sum of money I can use to place a bet?

The smallest amount of money you can use to place a bet is only 1 GHS, and the maximum depends on the market and outcome that you have chosen for a certain event, also note that it may also be limited by the bookmaker for some events.

3.   The platform indicates my bet as lost, but I’m sure I’ve won. What should I do?

Bets are indicated as lost only if you fail to predict the correct outcome with your bet. If the occurrence is that you are sure you’ve made the winning bet and it’s still indicated as lost, turn to our customer care team to find a possible issue and handle it.

4.   Where to check the entire history of my bets?

There are separate sections in the account menu of your Parimatch profile – “Open” for active bets and “Settled” for the calculated ones.

5.   Can I use the CashOut service to withdraw my winnings?

CashOut allows settle bets and get wins before the specific event ends and is calculated. But CashOut doesn’t work for all events, and you may as well not see it available in some cases. You can check your “Open Bets” in the “My Bets” section of your account menu to specify this.

6.   My betslip isn’t updated upon making a bet. Why?

Betslips should automatically update upon every other bet placed. If this takes too long, some technical problem may be in place, and you should contact our customer support to handle it.

7.   How to play Aviator on Parimatch? 



1.   How do I restore a lost password?

There is a special recovery form to help you restore the password using the mobile phone you used to register a Parimatch account. You simply need to push the “Forgot Password” button, specify your mobile number, and get an SMS with the verification code to log into. Come up with a new password and stay sure that your account is totally secure and available to you only.

2.   What do I do if I seem not to get the confirmation code?

Contact our customer support – specify your account’s phone number, and they should help you handle this problem.

3.   How to change the account password?

You can change the account using the special “Change password” section in your personal data menu. This option is available only for logged-in users – you just have to insert your old password and the new one in the following windows. The confirmation message will also be sent to you.

4.   What do I do if I attempt to restore or change the password, but all I get is the “I’m not a robot” verification captcha?

You must go through this captcha to confirm that you are human and are not trying to hack the account and undermine the platform’s security. This is a necessary step, after which you can easily use the recovery form