Are you looking for a simple Roulette game with the potential for high payouts? Well, the Lucky Spin and Win game from Golden Race—Spin2Win is here for you. 


Read the upcoming guide as I share my personal experience about the game. You'll know about the features, rules, bet options, etc. Moreover, you'll learn how to Spin and Win real money in Ghana by playing the game on Parimatch. Stay tuned!

❓❓ How Spin and Win Bet Works



Game Type

Virtual Roulette


Golden Race


Various (Sports, Fantasy, etc.)


95% - 97% (depending on game version)


Medium - High


Colored number sections with betting options

Min Bet


Max Bet


Bonus Features

Multiple Bets

Spin2Win is a simple European Roulette with 36 numbers to bet on. Your objective is to guess the result of the draw and determine where the ball might land. Besides betting straight on one number, you can place wagers on color, dozens, and odd/even. I'll come to that, but for now, let's quickly understand the interface.

So the game Spin2Win, as you might expect, has a virtual table divided into 37 sections. Inside 36 of them, there are 36 numbers (positioned randomly) that are colored red/black alternatively. The numbers in red are the odd numbers, while the ones in black are even. The single green section, however, represents the Complete Sequence.

Just beneath the numbered section, you'll see three groups of 12 numbers each. These are called dozens. Alongside the dozens, you'll find dedicated sections for Even, Odd, and two colors (red/black). All of them serve the betting purpose. You can simply tap on any and choose where to bet.

As far as betting is concerned, Spin2Win makes things pretty simple. Thanks to the wager section that you can see at the bottom of the game's main screen, you can pick your bet size with just a tap. Spin2Win even allows you to double your bet by clicking on the x2 icon positioned on the right side of the table. This comes in handy when you feel lucky to wheel spin and win online.

Types of Bets in Spin2Win

In the Spin 2 Win, there are four different bet options. This includes betting on number, dozen, color, and odd/even.

  • Number: It is the most straightforward type of bet. Here, you'll pick a number between 1 and 36, expect the wheel to stop at it, and place a wager. For correct predictions, a number bet can yield up to 36x your bet.
  • Dozen: This type of bet allows you to place a wager on any of the group of 12 numbers (1-12, 13-24, 25-36). A dozen bet is safer than a number bet because the probability of the prediction being right is higher. If your prediction turns out correct, you win 3x your bet.
  • Color: Just what the name signifies when you place a color bet in Spin 2 Win, you are predicting whether the wheel will stop at Red, Black, or Green. A color wager is considered less risky(compared to both number and dozen) and can help you win double your bet amount.
  • Odds or Evens: In the odd/even bet, your objective is to predict whether the wheel will stop at an even or an odd number.

During a session of the Spin and Win real money game, you can place all four bets at the same time. Just remember, the wager amount increases equally for each selection. For instance, say you decide to bet 10GHS on a Number. If you then select to wager on Color alongside the number, your bet amount will rise to 20GHS.

How to Play Spin2Win: Free Spin and Win Real Money

Playing Spin2Win is made simple at Parimatch. All you'll ever need is a betting account, which is free to create. Here is how:

  • Visit the Parimatch official site or download the app. After that, locate the Sign-Up button and click on it.
  • Fill in the details, and get your account verified.
  • Now log back in using your credentials.
  • After that, add some funds to your betslip.
  • Once done, browse the games library and find Spin2Win by Golden Rush.
  • Click on the game and wait for it to load.


How to Place a Bet on Spin and Win

To bet on a lucky wheel spin and win online, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, take a good look at the roulette table and decide the option on which you want to wager. 
  • Second, enter the amount you want to bet. You can do that by simply selecting the Coin/Chips.
  • After choosing a chip with a face value, the next task is choosing your bet type and placing the chip corresponding to that. You can just pick a number, dozen, color, even/odd, or all of them by tapping on the respective sections, and it will automatically place the bet.
  • Finally, accept the ticket, tap on the pink Play button, and spin the wheel.

From there, all you need to do is wait for the wheel to stop. If it does at whatever position you pick, your bet wins, and vice versa. Remember, you can increase the bet amount by the same amount by clicking on your bet again. In case you want to double up your wager, tap on the x2 button.

Spin2Win Cash App

Playing Spin 2 Win hasn't been simpler and more convenient. This fun and thrilling version of the European Roulette by Golden Race is now available on your smartphone. 

By downloading the Parimatch mobile app, you get to play Spin 2 Win from anywhere. You can place bets at your will and enjoy big winnings anytime.

Games Similar to Spin2Win

If you enjoy Spin2Win, you'll love Spin2Win Royal! The game is built on similar lines but with more betting options. I prefer the Royal version because of the more diverse market.

Alongside numbers, dozen, color, and odd/even, the Spin 2 Win Royal game allows you to bet on high/low sectors. You can also bet on six sectors (A, B, C, D, E, F) containing six different numbers and win six times your original wager amount.

Just like Spin 2 Win, Spin 2 Win Royal is also available for you to play conveniently on your smartphone. Just download the app and get started right away.

Playing Spin2Win on Parimatch

Spin 2 Win is a treat for all roulette lovers, and at Parimatch, you can play it on the go. Just create a free account and browse the game, and that's it. Most importantly, Parimatch has an unlimited supply of bonuses and offers. That said, you can grab one, launch the game, do a free spin and win real money.



❓ How to calculate Spin and Win?

Spin2Win is based on a random algorithm, and hence, it isn't possible to calculate where the wheel will stop.

❓ How do I Spin and Win with mtn?

You can join Parimatch by using your MTN. From there, you can simply find and play Spin2Win on your computer or mobile phone.

❓ How to withdraw money from Spin and Win?

To withdraw your money from Spin2Win, head over to the Parimatch account. Do a quick verification (if you haven't already). After that, click on Withdraw and choose the desired mode.

❓ How to Spin and Win?

To spin and head over to the Parimatch website or download the app. Next, search for the Spin2Win game by Golden Race. After that, you can place your bets and win.

❓ How to play Spin and Win on Parimatch?

To play Spin 2 Win on Parimatch, just create an account, add funds to your betslip, launch the game, and bet on number, dozen, color, odd/even, or all of them.