Welcome to Parimatch, one of the best online betting sites in Ghana! You're currently reading a comprehensive guide designed to help you verify your Parimatch account in the most seamless manner possible.

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Getting your profile verified is highly critical for multiple reasons. Firstly, it plays a key role in ensuring a safer environment. Secondly, it empowers you to withdraw your winnings with ease. That being said, stay tuned and uncover everything about account verification!

Parimatch Account Verification Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you're an avid user of the Parimatch Ghana app or prefer the web portal, the verification process is pretty straightforward in either case. Let's walk through both situations and address all the queries at once:

Account Verification Via Official Website

1. Browse the official Parimatch Ghana website (Register a free account if you haven't already).

2. Enter your personal details and get done with the Parimatch Ghana login.

3. Once done, tap on the personal account/profile icon that sits in the upper right corner.


Parimatch Ghana Main Page


4. Find the Account info section on the "My Account" page and click on it.


Parimatch Ghana Account Info Section


5. Locate and click on the KYC button.


Parimatch Ghana Account Verification With KYC


6. To start the process, you'll have to contact customer support. Do so by tapping the yellow Support button (that pops up after clicking on the KYC button).


Parimatch KYC Process


7. Pick from the list of alternatives and get in touch with professionals.


Parimatch Ghana customer support page

8. Ask them to help to verify your account and follow their instructions accordingly;

Quick Tip: Make sure to have all your Government approved national ID card or other documents ready to upload.

Verification Via Parimatch Ghana App:

  1. Launch the official Parimatch app.
  2. Get yourself logged in.
  3. Look for the account icon and click on it. You can locate it in the bottom right corner of the app's main screen.
  4. Tap the Account info button from the list of options that pop up.
  5. Next, locate the KYC section.
  6. Click on it, follow the on-screen instructions, and navigate to the customer support page.
  7. Choose your preferred mode of contact. Ask the professional you're in touch with to help verify your account.
  8. They will then uncover some instructions. Simply follow those and get your Parimatch online betting account verified.

In case you run into any issues while going through the process, remember that Parimatch support is always there to help. You can visit the dedicated page and ask your questions using any communication channel that suits you best!

Parimatch Account Verification Time

The duration of the Parimatch account verification is subject to vary for each gaming account. Generally, if you submit all the required verification documents with good-quality photos, the process won't take more than an hour. However, in case of unforeseen difficulties, the procedure might extend to a maximum of one day.

The best way to speed up the verification process and withdraw your winnings immediately is by closely adhering to the instructions while uploading all the required high-quality documents.

Resolving the Issues Related to the Parimatch Account Verification

Technical issues and everywhere, and the scenes are no different for the online betting industry. However, to ensure our punters a swift verification process alongside a seamless user experience, we've got the professional panel – Parimatch support team!

Following are the different contact channels available for you to use and resolve queries in a breeze:

  • Telegram: @PmGhana_bot
  • Parimatch Ghana Contact Number for WhatsApp: +233247019833
  • Email: [email protected]

Wrapping Up

The process of verifying your Parimatch account is crucial for a safer betting environment and smoother transactions. It can be completed easily via the website or app. Remember, providing accurate and valid documents will speed up the verification process. You can enjoy seamless betting experiences and prompt withdrawals with a fully verified account.

If you encounter any issues, the Parimatch support team is ready to assist through various channels.

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What is Verification?

Verification, in simple terms, is the security process of confirming or authenticating the identity or accuracy of someone/something.

What is KYC Verification?

KYC verification, which stands for "Know Your Customer" verification, is a process used by Parimatch to verify and authenticate the identity of the users before providing services or conducting transactions.

Why Is Parimatch Account Verification a Mandatory Step?

The purpose of KYC verification in the gaming and betting process is to safeguard against fraud and ensure that the player is of legal age (18 years or older). This helps create a safer and legal environment for everyone. At Parimatch, we allow our users to withdraw funds or deal with transactions only when their account is entirely verified.

How Can I Verify My Parimatch Account?

You can verify your Parimatch betting account via the official app and the web portal. Here is how:

On the Web:

  1. Login and open your account.
  2. Head over to the Account info section.
  3. Tap open KYC.
  4. Contact the support team and ask them to verify your account.

On the App:

  1. Login and open your account.
  2. Navigate Account info > KYC.
  3. Tap the Support button.
  4. Ask a member of the customer team to verify your account.

How Can I Check the Parimatch Account Verification Results?

To check your Parimatch account verification status, simply follow these steps:

On the Website:

  1. Log yourself in.
  2. Navigate to "Account info".
  3. Tap open the "KYC" section.
  4. Under this section, you can review your current status. The same section will also carry notes from the Parimatch team (in case of rejection).

On the app:

  1. Log yourself in.
  2. Head over to "Account info".
  3. Click on the "KYC" option.
  4. Under this section, you can review your current status. The same section will also carry notes from the Parimatch team (in case of rejection).

Why Am I Still Unable To Withdraw Money After Verification?

If you can still withdraw money after verification, there could be a few reasons for this. Firstly, if you have an active welcome bonus, withdrawals may be restricted until the bonus requirements are met. Secondly, if you have unused deposits, it's necessary to use at least 70% of each deposit before the withdrawal is allowed. Lastly, ensure that the withdrawal method matches the one you used to deposit funds (your payment method) to process the transaction successfully.

Why Does Parimatch Ask For Additional Documents After Verification?

Parimatch company may request additional documents even after the initial account verification as a standard procedure to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain a secure and trustworthy platform. Don't worry if we ask for documents like a foreign passport, ID, driver's license, birth certificate, utility bills, or card statement; simply send them to [email protected] as requested.

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